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Vocabulary Study Progress

Collaborated with Zoey and Claire
Concept Overview

We are designing a Japanese language app that involves a dictionary, study list, study progress. By checking the ‘Study Progress’ page, users could be able to see their current learned and learning vocabulary in a data-generated way.

Need Statement

Infogram is beneficial in narrative designs since they are obvious to show the overall progress and require less effort to understand the information when compared to words. Also, data can be interpreted visually for people of any language background to understand.

Concept Description

By creating a studying curve, the learners will be able to see their learning activity during a period of time. And from the study log, learners will be able to have a clear understanding of the comparison between the number of learned words and new words during a period of time. 

Target Audience

People who want to learn Japanese in an app and would like to have a clear sense of their progression. 

Learning Goals

We would love to see users can get effective feedback and can be motivated by the data. For example, if the user has already learned 1200 words and he/she could actually see the studying curve is going higher, that can motivate people to learn more and to achieve their personal goals faster. What’s more, we aim to make our app more lively and easier to access to the data.

Learning Theory

Multimedia Principle:  “Multimedia learning occurs  when students use the information  presented in two or more formats—such  as a visually presented animation and verbally  presented narration (Mayer, 1994, p.390).” As we showed above, the progress is shown both in numerical and graphic representations, thus, this kind of words and the graphic combination could enhance people’s realization of their progress.

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